features and capabilities

Easy to use

Using the JIGSAW CMS administration panel is as easy as possible. New, esthetic look and clear set of icons and forms makes working with JIGSAW CMS now even easier. Integrated WYSIWYG editor allows the customer to change content and look of a managed website easily, even if he or she does not know HTML.


High security

Making the source code of JIGSAW CMS closed and using the encrypted connections with SSL allow to achieve one of the highest security levels of internet system available. Unlike the other popular, open-source systems such as: Postnuke, Joomla or Mambo, JIGSAW CMS does not make its source code available to unauthorized persons, who could publish some information about system security flaws in the internet. JIGSAW's source code is available only for its developers: people for whom security is the most important matter.

URL masking

JIGSAW CMS enables you to make the full use of abilities provided by a website server. Due to the mod_rewrite module all URL adresses previously having the traditional form of:

now are masked and visible, both for users and web search engines, in clearer, providing more information about the content, form of: