JIGSAW's features

Easy to use

High security

URL masking







JIGSAW CMS consists of independent, but matching and cooperating modules. Such an approach allows to make changes in one module easily, and without the risk of damaging the other module. Each module has different – suited for your needs – functionalities. Already created modules correspond to the basic and most frequent website functions such as:

  • multi-level navigation menu,
  • static pages,
  • news,
  • articles,
  • galleries,
  • contact forms,
  • site map,
  • faq

Established internal standard allows to create any new module in an simple and fast way, and to design your website just as you need it, without unnecessary functions which are never to be used.

http://www.willemhartman.nl http://www.hadesign.nl http://www.backtomusicevents.nl http://www.houseofwax.nl http://www.houseofwax.nl https://www.cowinter.com