JIGSAW's features

Easy to use

High security

URL masking






SEO-aware, optimized HTML code

Thanks to the proper use of heading tags (e.g. <h1>, <h2>) and basing the implementation on Cascading Style Sheets, we improve the proportion between the content of your website and the code needed to create it. Using the proper HTML code and code and proportionally more content on the website means:

  • easier indexing in search engines,
  • a decrease in the costs of web positioning,
  • proper website displaying in popular browsers, e.g. IE, FF, Opera,
  • lower rate of data transfer, lower usage of hosting transfer limits,
  • faster website loading,
  • minimizing hosting costs.

JIGSAW CMS division into three layers (logic, content, presentation) provides the consumer with freedom to make changes in one of these three layers with neither need of changing nor risk of getting the side effects in the other layers.

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