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Below you can find the newest, chosen realizations which are created on a base of our JIGSAW CMS system. The remaining projects of jr web design - indywidualne rozwiązania internetowe you can find in the company's homepage.


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cemar.jpgThe main field of the company's activities is the technology of terraces and balconies production and modern methods of floor heating manufacturing. The company also conducts courses for other enterprises interested in the technologies mentioned above. The Terrace Technologies Center website was created in 2006 with our original system of content management.

Realisation includes the graphic design and the implementation of the supplied project in PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL languages.


cemarOn the basis of a special, monolingual version of JIGSAW system we created a fully optimized online computer shop. The most interesting elements of the system are the database of products, with four price groups – depending on the wholesale trade user’s authorisation, an on-line configurator for adjusting the parameters of the chosen products and a complex order management system, which sends notifications to the client after each change of their order status. Other elements of the website are the news, texts, and newsletter, with recipients’ groups, module.

The realisation includes the implementation in PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL and Javascript.


maxbike.jpgWe have just launched a new website in cooperation with the Tracegrafix company. The maxbike.ca website consists of the standard modules such as static pages, photo gallery and a feedback module, but it also has dedicated elements. Thanks to our original JIGSAW system, the website’s users can make a reservation or pay on-line with PayPal system in just few minutes. The website is in French language version.

The realisation includes the implementation in PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL.

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